Research Institute of Irrigation and Water Management

Research Institute of Irrigation and Water Management

About the institute

From the 1st of January, 2014 the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre was established in Hungary via integration of 13 research institutions in the field of agriculture and food industry. The Research Department of Irrigation and Water Management (NARIC ÖVKI) was founded through the separation of research activities of the former Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI). The aims of the NARIC ÖVKI are now the revitalization of prior high-level research programmes and starting up-to-date research and innovation projects in the field of agricultural water management, irrigation and rice breeding. The most important parts of activities are the conservation and improvement of water quality and quantity and the enhancement of efficient using of water resources accessible for agriculture.

The Laboratory for Environmental Analytics, “Galambos” Rice Research Station, Lyzimeter Research Station and the Radiological Research Station belong to the NARIC ÖVKI.


Agricultural Water Management R&D&I

The goals of the agricultural water management research (R&D&I) are as follows:

  • research for reduction of the negative impacts of climate change;
  • research on adaptation possibilities to extreme hydrological events;
  • research on the Hungarian irrigation status and potential development;
  • complex research on excess water management, assessment of excess water hazard (GIS-based), land use development possibilities;
  • defining the role of agricultural water management in environmental protection, nature conservation and socio-economy;
  • evaluation of positive and negative external effects of agricultural water management;
  • research on the relationship between EU WFD and agricultural water management;
  • research of the role of agricultural water management on wetlands in maintaining the context of ecosystem services;
  • research on the possibilities of recycling water for agricultural use.


Irrigation Management R&D&I

The aim of the research programme is to provide scientific background for the sustainable use of water resources in the Hungarian agriculture to develop more effective and eco-friendly production technologies and to decrease the damaging impacts of climate change. According with the Hungarian Agricultural Strategy, the main areas of research are:

  • effective utilization of plant-based irrigation technologies (cereal crops, plantations);
  • development of new technologies of water-saving irrigation techniques;
  • investigation of nutrient cycles in the plant-soil-water system;
  • unravelling the accumulation of toxic elements in the agro-ecosystem;
  • research on agricultural originated waste water usage for irrigation in energyplantations.


Rice Production and Breeding R&D&I

Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and wild rice (Zizania aquatica) as a special part of Hungarian irrigation sector have special attention in our research via developing sustainable production technologies and genetic background:

  • breeding and maintaining a gene bank of rice and wild rice;
  • research on abiotic (cold, drought) and biotic (blast disease, white tip disease) stress tolerance of rice;
  • development of production technologies, especially organic rice-rice-fish co-culture;
  • investigation of positive and negative impacts of rice production on the environment (water treatment, wild birds);
  • development of high-quality food products.


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